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How can WindowRenu fix your windows?
Our product replaces old, double-hung wood window balances. Balances, also called channels, are located on both sides of your window opening. This is the tracking where your double-hung, or upper and lower sash, windows ride.

Our “Window-Pak” product package consists of two items – two aluminum balances and three durable pieces of weatherstrip. The weatherstrip is used to provide additional sealing for the top, middle and bottom of your windows.

What if my sash is not 1 3/8" thick?
Although most (over 90%) residential wood sash is 1 3/8” thick, your sash may be thinner or thicker. When sash thickness is greater than 1 3/8”, the sash needs to be modified in order to fit into our channel. This is done by routing the edges of each sash that does not touch the parting bead (i.e., reducing the inner edges of the lower sash and the outer edges of the upper sash when viewing your window from the inside).

But before routing is done, you want to ensure that the task is necessary by re-measuring the sash thickness properly. The “thickness” is the part of the sash that rides in the channel only, not the entire thickness of where the butterfly lock sits.

If your sash is less than 1 3/8” thick, you will need to build it up with furring strips.

I have an old window that utilizes rope (cords) or chains with a pulley system. Can I use the WindowRenu product?
Yes, the simple removal of this system by cutting the rope or chain and removing the pulley is covered in our instructions. Your window will operate smoothly with your new replacement channels, without weights, pulleys, chains or cords.

I have a newer window design that utilizes a metal or plastic channel. Can I use the WindowRenu product?
Yes, you will simply remove the old channels and replace them with your new replacement channels.

I am not a craftsman! Can I really do this installation?
By all means, this is one job that usually goes rather easily. Take your time. Read the instructions carefully and follow them step by step. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Do I need special tools?
Not at all! A putty knife, scissors, screwdriver and hammer are usually sufficient tools to successfully install WindowRenu repair kits.

Can I paint the channels?
No. The channels have a baked on white enamel finish that will last the life of your window. Because of the specially designed springing action built into the product, we strongly recommend that you not paint the channels.

Can I cut or trim the channels?
WindowRenu kits are available in all standard window sizes. Special sizes are available by request. Our recommendation is to measure your window and order your correct size. Occasionally, the need to trim or cut this channel may be required. Simply follow the cutting instructions enclosed with your kit.

Can I install my channels with screws rather than the nails provided?
Yes, if you wish, you may install your channels with flat head screws instead of the plated nails provided. This will allow for easier removal of the installation should you desire to do so for future reglazing or sash repair. However, the nails we provide are coated so as not to rust. You should use plated or coated screws in substitution.

Can this product be used with tilt windows?
The product can be used with tilt windows, but the windows will lose their tilt function. Therefore, we do not recommend using our product for this type of window.

Does WindowRenu have a phone number I can call to order the product?, like other order-processing web sites, is an internet-based company. Therefore, we handle our business transactions and questions primarily online. This keeps our overhead costs (e.g., phone operators) lower, which allows us to maintain our low prices.

If you prefer, you may fax your order by using our printable fax form

Do you sell the weatherstrip in lengths greater than 34.5”?
Since most industry-standard windows are less than 34.5” in length, we don’t sell our weatherstrip in any length greater than 34.5”. However, we do sell our 3-pak strips individually when purchased with a window-pak and in sets of 12. The strip can be cut and placed side-by-side if additional length is needed.

Can I use this product on an old home or building with Historical Value?
Our product can be used in both old and new homes with double-hung wood windows. Many home preservationists and traditionalists such as Victorian home-owners utilize our product. If your home has historical value, we recommend that you check with your local Historical Preservation Society before using this product.

How do I measure Cottage-Style Windows?
Unlike regular windows, cottage-style windows do not have the same upper and lower sash glass size. For this type of window measure overall window opening.View Example

What color is your window channel? Do they come in different colors?
Our aluminum window channel has a white baked-on finish. The channels do not come in any color but white.

Can the sash be removed for painting?
Yes. If you want a removable sash, use flat-head screws instead of nails when you install the channels and trim.

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